Our Mission
Texas High School Rodeo
Promote the sport of rodeo and expose it’s positive image to the general public;
Preserve the Western Heritage
Offer a privilege of Family Bonding;
Offer an opportunity of continuing education;
and Maintain the Highest Regard for the Livestock
Updated:  September 2014
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Mike Britain, President
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Kelley Williams, Secretary
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Region III Mailing Address
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Membership forms MUST BE ON FILE with the Rodeo Secretary BEFORE competing at Rodeos #1 and #2.

Mail-In Entrees are still being accepted but now be required to pay the $30 Late Fee.

Call-Ins are Monday, September 15, 2014 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm and will also be required to pay the $30 Late Fee.

The entries for Rodeos #1 and #2 will be posted under RODEO RESULTS on Wednesday, September 17th,
it’s highly recommended that you check and make sure you are entered correctly.

The “See Secretary List” will be posted on the website the week of September 15th,
if you are missing membership requirements, you will need to bring those items to the rodeos.

Several memberships were received missing the following items,
these items MUST BE ON FILE with the rodeo secretary BEFORE you can compete:

Social Security #
Birth Certificates
Final Report Cards

There were also entries sent in without payment, the $30 late fee will added to those entries.

The rodeo office will open at 7:00am, ALL Jr and High school members will need to check-in to get their back numbers.  IF your membership is NOT complete, you WILL NOT get a back number and WILL NOT compete.

We cannot stress this enough.  Be sure to check the “See Secretary List” to make sure you are good to go!!!

We look forward to seeing our returning members and welcoming our new Region III families
to the BEST region in Texas!  It’s about to get western!